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Introduction to Monte Jade Global Science and Technology Association


Named after Monte Jade, the highest mountain in Taiwan, the Monte Jade Science and Technology Association was established by a group of high-tech Chinese-American executives in Silicon Valley in 1989.

"Monte Jade" was chosen to signify cross-cultural and technological foresight and excellence of the highest level. Monte Jade, incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of California, held its opening ceremony in San Jose, California, on February 4, 1990.

Currently there are fourteen Monte Jade chapters worldwide. Ten chapters are in US, one in Canada, one in Singapore, one in Hong Kong, and one in Taiwan. Recommendations and preparations for new chapters in other regions are also in progress.



Monte Jade's objective is to promote the cooperation and mutual flow of technology and investment globally. This provides an opportunity for professionals and corporations to network and share valuable experiences in investment, opportunities, management, technology and business information exchange.



Monte Jade's objective as well as its functions have been well accepted since its inception in the Bay Area in 1989. Many other Monte Jade chapters have been established. Monte Jade Global was organized in 1993 to better coordinate all chapters. The founding organization in the Bay Area has thus become Monte Jade "West Coast". Currently, there are 14 active Monte Jade chapters:

· MJ West Coast, established in Silicon Valley, USA on Feb. 4, 1990;
· MJ East Coast, established in New York, USA on Mar. 30, 1991;
· MJ Mid-America, established in Chicago, USA on Apr. 6, 1991;
· MJ Greater Washington, established in Washington D.C. USA on Nov. 23, 1991;
· MJ New England, established in Boston, USA on May 22, 1992;
· MJ Great Pittsburgh, established in Pittsburgh, USA on Nov. 21, 1992 (Inactive);
· MJ Southeastern, established in Atlanta, USA on Jan. 16, 1993;
· MJ Mid Atlantic, established in Philadelphia, USA on Oct. 24, 1993;
· MJAA, established in Silicon Valley on June 20, 1995;
· MJ Western Canada, established in Vancouver, Canada on Apr. 13, 1998;
· MJ Ohio, established in Ohio, USA on July 6, 1999;
· MJ Taiwan, established in Taiwan on May 23, 2001;
· MJ Southern California, established in LA, USA on Feb. 23, 2002;
· MJ Hong Kong, established in Hong Kong, China on Feb. 17, 2003;
· MJ Singapore, established in Singapore on Oct. 27, 2003;

Following the 1995 Taiwan Study Tour, the Chinese American young professionals who participated in the tour have since organized the MJAA chapter closely associated with Monte Jade West Coast. They are often referred to an "Junior Monte Jade," who hold their own regular activities as a national wide chapter.